Something for the Weekend… Bargain Beauty Treats

I’m all about the deals so I had to share with you these little treats I picked up whilst shopping with my little sibling.

First off, the Body Shop had a sale on. The Body Shop isn’t somewhere I usually shop but their body butters are renowned, as well as quite appropriately. Generally they retail for? 12, however this Brazil nut butter was decreased to? 5. It wasn’t the just one either – – almond and raspberry were likewise in the offer. This set’s great for really dry skin, it’s so abundant as well as gently fragranced. At this price I ought to have stockpiled for Christmas presents. I additionally couldn’t resist this cellulite massager for just one pund! There have actually obtained plenty of other treats in the sale including compose, soaps and also scrubs.

I had a? 5 off No7 coupon melting a hole in my pocket so next stop was Boots where we detected this really charming nail gloss collection. A bargain at? 8, a take at? 3!

After that I obtained one more coupon, what’s a girl to do?, I chose this gorgeous bronze metal nail colour “Hot to Trot”. Noramally? 7, just? 2 with the voucher. Perfect for the event season! I did a quick swatch on one of my nails as well as was truly impressed with the formula. Really nontransparent and fast drying out. Have they transformed the brush? It really felt various as well as the polish slid on like a desire in one fast covering.

Overall spend? 11

I can have maintained going but I quit there. I have actually gotten a couple of online treats this week so had a regime it in.