Is it worth it? L’Oreal’s Mega Volume Collagen 24 hr Mascara

This was a spur of the moment acquisition at the weekend break. I’m sufficiently stockpiled on Mascaras, but I remained in Superdrug and also there was? 3 off, require I state a lot more.

The first thing you notice is the chunky brush. I’m not usually a fan of large brushes, I often tend to favor the skinny ones that allow you steer to the origin of the lash, then drag them up to brand-new heights. That said, big combed mascaras do often tend to be quick and easy to use and this is no exception. It coats lashes really kindly with the blacker than black collagen enriched formula. There’s no clumping and also in spite of the large brush, it’s easy to take care of, and as it’s somewhat curved at the end, it’s nimble enough to get into the corner of the eyes.

Now I’m not exactly sure regarding its thickening qualifications, it does not different as well as develop the illusion of more lashes, like my cherished They’re Genuine. There is some quantity, but also for me, this’s even more concerning extending as well as crinkling, actually my lashes crinkled a whole lot! Overall I enjoy with the result, it’s not fairly the wow aspect yet we do not need the incorrect lash look everyday, do we? lashes looked long and also dark and also, well, “done”. It’s very long-wearing. I have not challenged its 24 hour qualifications but it would not amaze me if it did last that long. Luckily, and also this is very essential to me, it washes off easily and also with no clumps of fibers.

I would not claim it’s comparable to L’Oreal’s Telescopic False Lash Effect Mascara (read review), yet it’s easier to manage and also more of a daily mascara. Huge Quantity Collagen 24 Mascara RRP? 9.99 out now

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