Deborah Lippman Razzle Dazzle

You know you have a lot of nail brightens when … it takes you a year to utilize one. It’s practically a year to the day since I received this Lippman appeal in my Glossybox (December 2011’s Glossybox right here). I can’t explain why it’s been neglected for some long because it’s genuinely lovely.

The multi-faceted color is a tasty deep rasberry with flecks of purple as well as fushia. Unlike many radiance brightens you truly can create truth bottle shade in just a couple of layers. The glitter is quite crude so I applied a leading coat to make it smoother. I have actually got to say it’s a stunning shade – – an appropriate Xmas cracker. I couldn’t stop shaking my fingers to see the small specks of glitter shining in the light. I was surprised with how long it lasted, after three days it hadn’t chipped or discolored in the smallest. As with all glitter polishes it was a pain to eliminate. I soaked each digit right into my little Bourjois pink pot for around one as well as the polish moved off. It’s a bit time eating so do it when you’re enjoying the TV.

This set obtains an A from me! You can get Lippman brightens from of? 14