Where’s my Chauffeur?

I’m tired of wintertime. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s snowy, I’m breaking out some pastels to make me really feel sunny.

It’s an additional hit from … Where’s my Chauffeur is dope! It’s such a rather colour, yes it resembles Mint Apple, yet it’s darker and has even more of a turquoise edge. It reminds me of the blue. With my initial few strokes I fretted the formula was a little streaky yet it evened itself out with two layers. It’s finest to use this with a larger hand to get completely nontransparent outcomes. I rounded off with some One For All and I simply like the beautiful creme finish.

I discovered this set in the ASOS sale,? 5.99. Additionally available from Boots as well as Superdrug? 7.99.