Caudalie Beauty Elixir – Do believe the hype!


Inspired by of Hungary’s renowned potion of young people, the Caudalie Appeal Elixir is packed with vitamins, minerals as well as serums created to smooth functions, tighten up pores as well as offer skin a burst of brilliance. There’s not much I can state about this incredibly spray that hasn’t currently been claimed except it resembles magic! A spritz or two promptly passes on gleam to my worn out skin.


Exactly how do I use it?

Shake the bottle after that spray directly onto the face in the past, throughout or after comprise (or all 3 if you’re greedy) for ruptured of radiance to lackluster skin.

  1. It is excellent for use before moisturising if skin’s a little boring as well as requires a boost. Spray on bare skin as well as leave a couple of minutes before using your normal moisturiser/primer.
  2. Comparable to MAC Take care of+ it can be used to establish makeup. As soon as you have actually used your put, spritz over the whole face to set and also add a sheen.
  3. Usage anytime throughout the day as a pick-me-up when skin is tired or completely dry and watch as it astonishingly imparts brilliance and reanimates compose.

Just how does it compare to MAC Deal with+?

Caudalie Charm Elixir resembles my beloved Take care of+, with 2 main distinctions. 1) Elegance Potion is even more of a lighter spritz, Fix+ is some what “wetter”. 2) Beauty Potion has a charming fragrant scent whereas Fix+ is essentially scent less. I require both? Most likely not but I like them both!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir comes in two dimensions – – 30ml? 10.35, 100ml? 28.80 Feeling Special. Let’s be honest this item is costly! That’s why it took me as long to take the plunge and also when I did I chose the dinky 30ml bottle. The dimension is ideal for travelling as well as lasts surprisingly lengthy now I know I enjoy it, it won’t be long before I choose the large bottle.