Essie for £1.99… plus a cuticle saviour

Fragrance Direct, I’ve got large love for you (review my leading choices here). It’s not the most convenient website to browse and there is a lot of junk yet it’s economical, trustworthy and also when you find a treasure, it’s oh so satisfying. This week I discovered 3 …

Maximillian Strasse is a pale, soft sage green/grey with a stunning creme coating. It’s a lovely pastel shade (I enjoy me a pastel) and also unlike any kind of various other polish in my collection.

Opportunity Maintain is called a Parisian with a creme finish. It’s a true blue as well as extremely posh!

Both polishes are from the 2013 collection Ave-. I did a fast example to test them out. The formula is thicker than I’m made use of to from, and extremely opaque – – most definitely simply a 2 coater right here. The trademark broad level brush promptly covered the nail bed and it dried out to a beautiful creme surface.There’s an excellent selection of polishes for? 1.99 right here including Bikini Teeny, one of my perpetuity faves (review right here) which I paid? 9.95 for from!

I additionally got this very charming Follicle Eraser + Balm? 1.49below. Pushing back the follicles is a continuous battle for me. I use OPI Avoplex Oil to keep them soft yet if I do not utilize it daily, which I do not, they soon completely dry and also build up. This stuff truly appears to function. The eraser puncture the follicle and the balm keeps them soft. Dab it on, press them back and also be amazed.

Visit Scent Directbelow. Postage is? 1.99 per order. Invest over? 30 conserve? 3 with SAVE3 code P.S This isn’t a sponsored blog post, I’m simply bargain seeker that shares the love.

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