Move over Tangle Teezer, it’s all about the Denman Be-Bop

It may just be time to retire my relied on Tangle Teezer. Regard to the TT for taming my penalty, twisted tresser for the previous couple of years, you truly were a saviour! When I think of all those agonizing years dragging with a great tooth comb … ouch! BUT I’m sick of dropping it – – I seem to drag it via my hair and chuck it on the floor in one fell swoop and also it takes a good while to “tease” out all those tatters. Step forward the Denman Bebop Massage Therapy Hair Shampoo Brush.

Currently do not be misguided by the name. You can utilize it in the shower, you can massage therapy your scalp whilst shampooing, yet you don’t have to! You can simply use it as a great old detangler. It has much less bristles than the TT and they’re spaced bigger apart which aids it move through my locks with ease. There’s less dragging and drawing and the manage makes it sooooo much easier to make use of. The bristles are solid yet mild at the same time and also get the job done in a fraction of the time. I’ve been utilizing mine fresh out the shower prior to blow drying. I did attempt the massage therapy method in the bath, it was nice, and it’s good to stimulate the scalp every now and then, yet massaging with this whilst shampooing results in even more tangles so I’ll avoid it. As well as did I state it was bag pleasant– at? 2.75 it’s a mere fraction of its competing! Although it may not be for everyone. It can not take on really little tangles and also if you have extremely thick or wiry hair, it may not be considerable enough, however, for my great tressers it’s close to ideal!

Denman Bebop Massage Therapy Shampoo Brush? 2.75 below