I Woke up Like This

You awaken, remarkable. up, flawless. Trip round in it, flawless. Flossin on that, remarkable. This ruby. ruby. This rock. rock. I woke up like this … I GOT UP SUCH AS THIS! If you like Beyonce, ya’ll recognize what am talkin regarding! If you don’t, please leave my blog site right away! I banter – – but seriously, why not? Anyhow this is everything about the Beyonce inspired “it” Tee shirts – – I AWAKENED LIKE THIS. It’s the kick-ass, attitude-filled line from Remarkable, featured on Beyonce’s self titled cd …

Beyonce fixation aside it’s such a very easy Tees to put on. Oversized and also really flattering. Looks great teamed with ripped pants. Sports jacket, bomber … whatever you expensive. I got this one kind ebay.com? 9.49 here, readily available in 7 colours. It’s top quality, hefty cotton, great sizing (FYI I got a small – – ideal for size 8-10) and cleans truly well also– no diminishing or mis-shaping.
I did laugh at myself whilst “shaking” the T-shirt at de Gaulle airport at 7am. Getting macaroons from a rather rushing Frenchman, when he says to me “Mademoiselle, can I ask you what your T-shirt states”, to which I reply (with attitude and also a little bounce) “I got up like dis!” overlooks at my make up-free, pastry-fueled, half asleep face and claims “alright!” Maybe it doesn’t have the very same effect when you truly have actually just woke up … however it made me laugh.
Right here it functions in … Glasses–

Rayban, Blazer– Look, Pants– Topshop, Bag– Mulberry

Completely – – We remarkable, ladies we’re remarkable. Say I look so great tonight. God damn, God damn, GOD DAAAMN!

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