The Lipstick Tag – a peek into my excessive collection (and giveaway winner revealed)

Argh Lipsticks, my Achilles heel. when I saw the Lipstick Tag doing the rounds, I had to get involved. Through the magic of one sided Q&& A below’s an insight right into my lipstick obsession …

1. How many lipsticks do you possess?

I’m virtually scared to address this one at anxiety of judgement. I’ve likewise prevented counting them since I really did not want to face the ugly fact. Anyway, I did the deed as well as counted 39 and there’s a few subjugating in my bag as well as desk, so I’ll say 45. If you’re resting there with a 1 or 2 lipsticks, remember you’re regular, NOT ME!

2. What was the very first lipstick you owned?

, this set’s simple. Rimmel Shimmer – – the go-to lipstick for woman’s growing up in the 90’s.

3. What is your preferred lipstick brand?

MAC, completely. They cover the whole colour and also surface range. Naturally they’re not the most affordable lipsticks available, but they’re not in the woozy heights of YSL or either.

4. A lot of worn?

This changes at all times, currently my most worn is MAC Japanese, yet my most put on gradually and also the one I have actually repurchased the most if MAC – – a classic nudey pink. I’m additionally a little obsessed with Soap & &’s Sexy Mother Plucker lipstick/gloss in Nudist.

5. What is your much-loved coating?

I’m a fool for a velvety lipstick, which is why I’m always attracted to MAC’s Cremesheen lipsticks. However I have actually amazed myself with matte lipsticks of late. As long as they do not completely dry the lips, I enjoy the way at matter lipstick looks.

6. Latest lipsticks in your collection?

45 is enough lipsticks for the rest of my life, right? I’m trying not to boost that matter but I did get two brand-new lipsticks in the MAC San Haul – – Japanese and also Peach.

7. The number of lip items do you presently have in your bag?

A lot of! There’s constantly a couple of balms/sticks/crayons subjugating in my bag. I really instagram’s the lip contents of my bag the various other week because I was stunned at how many. EOS lipbalm in Mint, Sleek Pout Gloss, Soap & & Nudist, Rimmel Let’s obtain Naked, MAC Japanese on so on! I generally throw stuff in and also forget to take them out.

8. What is your preferred red?

I enjoy red, regrettably red’s don’t love me. I obtained absorbed to the whole RiRi buzz as well as I do adore it yet typically I believe a lot more orange toned reds function better for me, like Sleek’s OMG.

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

Aside from the ones I cart about in my purse? Well I made use of to save them in the great ol’ MUJI drawers however they just fit a single layer of lippies so I discovered it to be a waster of room. Currently I’m keeping my most used lipsticks in a really cute vintage glass dish, which holds about 20 (above) et cetera I maintain safely hidden in my cabinet drawer in this Ikea divider.

10. What lipstick are you currently desiring?

I’ve listened to L’Oreal are releasing a JLo influenced Nude, now that I will not be able to resist.

Now I mark every one of you! Share this page, do your own tag and let me know your much-loved lip sticks.


everybody that got in the MAC Lipstick Free Gift. The victor, selected by Rafflecopter in organization with is … @pink_lady123 Congratulations! Sorry to the rest of your, however there’ll be another one again quickly!