Throwback Thursday – Lancôme Juicy Tubes

in the day I used to be stressed with Juicy Tubes. The have to have compose of the very early noughties. fact, it’s where a lot of my student financing wentJ in the day, we really did not have a great deal to pick from. No chubby sticks, lip butters, cream puffs, matte pastels etc. At institution there was Rimmel Lipstick (Shimmer anyone?) after that by college/uni we upgraded to Juicy Tubes. It makes me laugh when I look back now. They were rather sheer, occasionally glittery and also method too sticky – – difficult to kiss with, yet guy did I feel advanced with my Lancome Juicy Tube. It was the period of and also Legally Golden-haired afterall. Framboise, Marshmallow, Fraise, Lychee … I enjoyed them all.

Juicy Tubes are still available (RRP? 16.50,? 10.50 All Charm) as well as I make sure they’ve improved for many years but I’m more of a lipstick gurl these days and also if I elegant a gloss, there are better ones to select from like Revlon Colourburst/Super Lustrous. Gone are the days I spend almost twenty quid on a tube of jelly. Yet Juicy Tubes will always have a special area in my heart as well as I still have a number of almost vacant tubes I can not get rid of.

Are you/where you a fan?

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