Battle of the Eyeshadow Primers – Benefit V Urban Decay

This is the fight of the utmost eyeshadow primers. For many years I’ve used Degeneration Guide Remedy – – got the mini one cost-free with my very first NAKED palette, loved it and later on acquired the full size. But after that Virtuoso was going crazy concerning Benefit Stay ‘‘ t Stray in her videos so I caved as well as obtained that one as well. I loved it instantly and also kinda dropped my puppy love, however which is really far better? I put them to the test …

Degeneration Guide Remedy Original? 16/11mlLookFantastic

This one has a paste like structure – – thick yet flexible. It’s a pinky flesh colour, which sheers out to an unnoticeable surface. The squeezy tube offer you total control over how much item you dispense – – you really just need a little as well as it “sets” promptly. The coating is natural – – you’re skin however much better. There’s little to no protection so if you have discoloured lids, this won’t hide them. Also available in shimmer as well as matte finishes.

Benefit Remain ‘‘ t Stray? 20.50/ 10 ml Feel Special

This has a thick, creamy structure, like a stick concealer or foundation and an almost matte finish. It’s a neutral flesh colour, offered in two tones light/medium and also medium/dark. I have actually obtained the light/medium, which is possibly also light for me. It has an opaque protection, so if you have blood vessels or discoloration this will cover them, which is a big plus for me – – I can skip the cream/neautral eye shadow and also go right in with colour. The big drawback in my eyes (excuse the pun) is the packaging. One pump gives enough product to cover half my face! There’s no control as well as I wind up losing a lot of it.

The Outcomes

place them to the examination I used Remain ‘‘ t Stray to my best eye and Guide Potion to my left. I utilized the very same amount of item on both eyes, applied with fingers then went directly in with eyeshadow – – Damp n Nutty/Noisette if you’re interested, as well as 9 hrs later …

Remain ‘‘ t Stray has actually discolored, particularly around the centre of the lid. There’s wrinkling around the socket as well as some mascara move up on the eyebrow bone. If you look carefully, the eye liner on the appropriate eye has actually likewise faded a lot more than the left. Decay Guide Potion is fresh as a daisy! No creasing, no fading, the colour still looks brilliant and also no transfer … and that’s after 9 hrs!

Keep ‘‘ t Stray … Primer

Potion …

The Verdict

I’ve got to say I marvel as well as a little ashamed. I was trapped by the buzz! I have actually been disregarding Degeneration’s Guide Remedy when the whole time it’s the clear champion of eyeshadow guides! I such as the appearance and also coverage of Keep ‘‘ t Stray however it plainly can’t match the staying power of Primer Potion!

Which Eyeshadow Primer do you suggest?