Lust Have… OPI Nordic Collection

It’s time to fess-up … I am addicted to watching QVC Beauty. After work, in bed, I even videotape it and fill my coordinator with,,, OPI. Whilst feeding my dependency recently I caught OPI’s newest launch … The Nordic Collection. And also kid was I was putty in their hands! Influenced by the great North Lights in Finland, deep blue arm in Norway and colourful homes in Copenhagen, Nordic brings the diverse colours of its name area to this season’s nails. Impressed by every color, I couldn’t pic one, even 2 favourites so I opted for the minnies or the Northies as they’re know.
Dogsled is a Hybrid– a velvety sea-green creme. Somewhere between a minty environment-friendly and also jade. It’s a lovely pop of colour, yet a little more controlled than a summertime pastel. It was the color the truly captured my eye on QVC as well as in the flash it’s equally as striking.

you Have this Colour in -holm?– this icey blue violet is warm stuff. As gorgous as it searched screen, it’s even much better in the flesh. A genuine eye catcher … it might simply be my favourite.

Voice is a Norse– a hollographic radiance with a sheer base as well as smoky, silver streaks. It has quite decent coverage– I applied two layers in the picture, three would certainly have it wrapped up and it twinkles from every angle. I reckon it will certainly look terrific split over the brown/taupe shade as well as really cute on the toes.

How great is Your? A deep taupe/brown. I possibly would not have chosen this color yet it’s really surprised me. A classy shade excellent for fall. Jazz it up with the radiance or rock alone for a sophisticated look.

Northies Available for? 10.95 right here

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