The £2.99 Gimme Brow Dupe?

Benefit’s Gim me Eyebrow took “eyebrow mascaras” by the short n curlies! The first one that really loads and also shapes brows, in addition to holding them in position, and also those brush on fibers – – AH-MA-ZING! BUT? 17.50 for a teeny small quantity of product, it’s method too high. Is it time to Brow This rather?

Rimmel have introduced Brow This – – a brow designing gel readily available in 4 shades Golden-haired, Medium Golden-haired, Dark and also Clear. Currently? 2.99 at Boots and Superdrug, common cost? 3.99. I find the shade scheme a little off. It’s a huge dive from Tool Golden-haired to Dark. I had an excellent example in store and also determined dark brown was also dark, and also although medium blonde is quite cozy, it’s most likely more of a light BROWN than blonde.

It has a very comparable texture and also colour payback to Profit Gim me Eyebrow – – certainly not just another somewhat tinted gel. Now I’m not comparing like for like in terms of shades. I’ve got Medium Blond in Eyebrow this and also Medium/Dark in Gim me Brow, the Dark Brow this would certainly have been a much closer match to this Advantage one, however I fancied something lighter this time around. It sweeps on quickly, depositing product evenly throughout the brow. Although I wouldn’t state it has the same AH-MA-ZING brush-on fibres as its costly rival, it does include texture and colour as well as dries to an all-natural, matte coating that lasts all day. Unfortunately there’s one significant drawback … the brush is a calamity! It’s far too large and also clumpy. It does not enable the very same gap-filling accuracy and also styling as Gim me Eyebrow. If you have a full eyebrow to begin with, this most likely won’t matter, if however you have uneven brows like me, the clumpy brush head will not aid your plight.

Clumpy brush aside this is a great product, particularly considering you might buy 5 Rimmel Brow This Ways, for one Benefit Gim me Brow. It fasts and easy to make use of, has a superb colour payback as well as lasts throughout the day.

Available now at Boots and also Superdrug

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