Yum Yum Bubblegum!

I endured the crazy Xmas crowds at the weekend (have you been to Rich lately? MOBBED!) simply to obtain a new lip scrub. lips have actually been really dry and broke lately and in regular fashion, I ‘d simply lack my last, and also currently stopped, Lavish lip scrub, Lips. It was like ‘‘ s choice picking between the 4 flavours – ‘– ‘ s Lip Scrub, Mint Julips, Bubblegum as well as Snacks however the stress of the crowds compelled me to be added crucial so I ordered the little pink pot of Bubblegum Scrub.

little pot of scrumptiousness!!! It smells and also tastes as good as it looks. The scent actually reminds me of and also it tastes wonderful sweet. CAUTION, you might get addicted. Directly I assume lip scrub is a throughout the year must, but it’s absolutely a wintertime one. I try to scrub my lips once daily to maintain the men away, particularly if I wish to put on lipstick. Loaded with exfoliating wheel sugar and also softening jojoba oil it lovers away dry skin, leaving lips kissably soft and also assists lipstick to glide on.

Okay, it is a little bit difficult to make use of. It’s fairly a dry scrub, which is great because it’s not stuffed loaded with water as well as nasties to bulk it out, but it does make it fairly untidy. You may wish to place yourself over the sink to capture the autumn out. Scoop up an excellent lump, massage it onto the lips, and then simply lick off the unwanted … yum bubblegum. Look into Lush’s Lip Scrubs? 5.50 right here. Each pot lasts definitely AGES so they’re definitely a good buy!

Lip Scrub, Yah or Nay?