A Trip to Sephora and the MOST Beautiful Eyeshadow

I’ve stated it before, I’ll say it once again … WHY DON’T WE HAVE A SEPHORA IN THE UK? Sephora is a make-up addicts mecca so I could not stand up to a quick pit stop on my current trip to. Down the escalators I went as well as into paradise I entered… … I was even welcomed by a real-life Bulldog! Slobbering love for Sephora apart, I was a great girl/very bad blogger and only acquired one product. my support I had just rummaged City Pharma (see it right here) and Sephora’s are no where near as economical as the United States ones.

Anyway you can see from the pics I was casually swatching eyeshadows and as quickly as I locked eyes on Fireworks (no. 22) it was plainly getting back with me. It’s a dark, intense bluely grey iridescent eye shadow. The base I ‘d refer to as a blackened charcoal with a striking multicoloured glimmer running through it, which relying on the light will certainly differ, yet generally it leans in the direction of the navy blue/charcoal. The coloring is simply amazing, the colour you see in the frying pan is the colour you jump on your eyes. Sephora calls this a radiance finish but do not be discouraged by that, it’s not extremely glittery. It’s more of a glimmer with some larger pieces in it, which develops an amazing multi-dimensional shade. It’s an excellent one color does it all kinda darkness – – you can produce a truly intense, smokey eye from this set color alone. Beware there’s a fair little fall out, yet with dark tones, especially sparkling ones, I constantly do the eye initially. I discover this one applies really well with the most effective elegance tool of them all… … fingers. It permits even more control over where you use the pigment and also lets you to solve in the small inner edge. As soon as you’ve laid the colour down, mix out with a fluffy blending brush. As well as voile– incredibly easy smokey eye.

Check out Sephora’s eyeshows $12 and also do not fail to remember Sephora now ships to the UK for just?6 on orders over? 75!

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