Beauty Storage on the Move

static elegance storage needs are looked after, I’m still rather pleased with my Ikea Hemnes cabinet and acrylic Muji Drawers yet when it involves appeal on the step… … I didn’t recognize where to start. Since I’m doing a little bit of freelance compose I need to be able to take my stash with me, as well as a Cath Kidston laundry bag ain’t gon na cut it.

a suitable globe (when I’m a fully-fledged MUA as well as zipping around everywhere * I wish) I would certainly have among those zuca trolley cases with the MAC Pro Travel neatly slotted on top however, for now I wanted a budget-friendly mobile remedy that permits me to move an excellent stockpile of products (in an organised manor, of course).

After a great deal of study – – you know me, absolutely nothing left to chance – – I went with the San Remo Elegance from? 41.99. This is an excellent storage solution for Comprise musicians, mobile hair stylists, beauty therapists or any one with way a lot more comprise than a single person should possess! I am REALLY happy with the quality of this box. It looks specialist, sleek as well as fashionable! It’s unbelievably strong and also durable with strong, smooth hinges and handle. It’s light-weight yet has enough space to hold every one of this…

… The toolbox design instance is lockable and also opens up to reveal 3 trays – – one deep, two superficial. Glide them to the side and you’ve obtained a really huge, deep, freestyle compartment where you can keep bigger/bulkier items or insert your own dividers to organise to match YOUR demands. That was the charm with the San Remo, I have a great deal of palettes and also needed a deep compartment to stack em’. Rather conveniently it also fits my brush roll on top of the trays and the doors still close. I wish I might claim it stores all of my compose – – it doesn’t but that’s due to the fact that I have excessive. As I proceed, okay, begin to declutter and also down size I would certainly anticipate eventually quickly it will certainly keep all my stockpile. It would certainly likewise be a really good option for any individual that does not need to high-end (or desire) to store their beauty items on program and also wants an organised remedy they can keep concealed. That’s one more thing I like concerning it, when it’s not being used it moves neatly into the bottom of my closet, unlike the trolley situations which are quite cumbersome.

Let’s talk weight – – vacant, it considers just 3.4 kgs, however when you begin to fill it with lotions and remedies, it gains weight and quickly. This probably isn’t ideal for circumnavigating on buses and also tubes, but for including the cars and truck or accumulating the biceps, it’s excellent. Likewise, just how much fun did I have merchandising it!

Take a look at the San Remo Charm below

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