Favourie Lip Combo

I do enjoy an excellent lip combo. For a while there it was lip gloss OR lipstick and for a long period of time lip liner was off the menu but now, we’re all in. This is my present much-loved daily combo recycling some oldies yet rewards……. No7 Accuracy Lip Pencil Nude? 6.95 Boots – – a classic my-lips-but-better nude. I picked this up ages earlier on a recommendation – – many thanks. It slides on effortlessly as well as gives the best base for applying any kind of lip colour. Line the whole lips area for a much more natural and also long-term appearance.

MAC Lipstick? 15.50 (? 13.95 10% off Debenhams) is an ideal soft pinky naked. I love the color, yet the formula, not a lot. It’s a brilliancy coating (semi-sheer, moisturising) which is normally great, but this has a tendency to be more on the dry side on me as well as “rests” in the fractures. That’s why it’s excellent to pair with a liner, gloss or BOTH for optimum lusciousness.

Lip Gloss Lover? 18.50 (? 16.65 10% off Debenhams) A MLBB gloss. This ties the lip look with each other flawlessly. Non-sticky, semi-sheer with a hint of rosey pink colour, it gives a rather sheen and produces a fuller appearance… … pout prepared!

If you’re not offered on the combo thing – – too much effort for everyday? I hear ya! BUT by lining the lips initially your lipstick will last a hella lot longer and also when the lip gloss fades, there’s still plenty colour under there.

Lip combos, yeh or nay? What’s your favourite?

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