#GoBronde… A Cautionary Tale

This isn’t the “ta-dah take a look at my lovely brand-new highlights” post I wished it would certainly be. Unfortunately my do it yourself balayaye became a hair catastrophe yet I wouldn’t be a really truthful charm blog writer if I really did not share the great, the negative and the totally irregular!

If you’ve been visiting these parts for a while now you’ll recognize I’m a fan of the L’Oreal Ombre Kits. I have actually used them on myself twice in the past (see it below) with respectable outcomes, also my stylist was impressed. With 2 effective DIY tasks under my belt, me and also my inflated self-confidence believed we were ready for the next trend, balayage. Hint L’Oreal #GoBronde. Have you seen the adverts? hair queen J- – – I’m not a blonde, I’m a bronde! Yes, me as well J -.

It’s a sign, allow’s do this. A bit about…

the sets and also the just how to … There’s 5 sets in the Glam Bronde range(? 6/Boots), No 1 being the lightest, No 5 the – darkest – I plumped for the “safe” center choice No 3 for brown hair. They’re created to provide a brush-on balayage result, including subtle, blonde layers all over the hair for that just-back-from-holiday look. Comparable to the Ombre sets they have actually extremely simple to use, guidelines are clear, come with a “useful” triple-action expert brush designed to do the help you etc. I even watched the recommended youtube video to grab some pointers, unfortunately I really did not check out any type of evaluations!


Application was difficult! Unlike the ombre sets where you’re essentially colouring in the bottom areas of your hair, balayage is made to add percentages of colour all over the hair. Application near the roots calls for way more abilities and also I didn’t have a clue what the back looked like – – it was a”reach-n-drag as well as hope for the very best” approach. The brush ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. It does NOT distribute the product equally, it dolloped most of the product at the roots, an uneven residue of colour in the sizes and by the time I obtained to the base there was nothing left. This suggested I had to go back over at the ends, triggering even more patchiness. The directions inform you not to apply too much pressure at the origins, as well as not to begin also near to them, despite a light stress as well as staggered beginning factors I still wound up with huge balls of colour near the origins. Recommended development time is in between 25 and 45 minutes, after 20 minutes my hair was already looking YELLOW! Sh * t, Sh * t, Sh * t – – I quickly washed it, towel dried out, searched in the mirror, wheezed at the yellow/orangey touches * Keep calmness, remain calm * dried it, OH DEAR!

The Results

Brassy, patchy as well as means too light. blonde near the origins, orange/yellowy in the sizes. Apparent blonde clusters near the roots as well as around the back where I used the product first, bright orangey blonde touches near the front where my hair was currently a bit lighter. Altogether a total catastrophe. Looked nothing like balayage, looked nothing like the box!

Did I discuss this was on Friday night and I was going away for “surprise” weekend on Saturday early morning! Cut to me spending the next hr panicking, asking google what do to, calling about hair stylists, texting my close friends, even more panicking. normal beautician couldn’t obtain me in until Monday (and also there was no chance I intended to go away for the weekend resembling THAT) say thanks to paradises for the Metrocente (out of town shopping center open up until 9pm for those that do not know). I really went there with the intension of acquiring a hair colour pole dancer from Boots (worst point I might have done) but fortunately came across a beauticians Sherlocks that handled to press me in. They placed a darker colour via my origins to disguise the blonde as well as a short-lived printer toner with the sizes and ends to tone down as well as also points out. I was so thankful I virtually kissed the girl that did it. In conclusion I invested 5 hours as well as over? 50 to end up looking, basically, like a did in the past. Overall I’m a little lighter and a touch extra “ginge” than I was to begin with however you live and also learn as well as I will never ever do-it-myself once more! NEVER!

Sorry concerning the lack of after pictures – – understandably the last point on my mind at that point was an image shoot. I did manage a dodgy quick snap in the hairdressers before the repair started.

Lessons Discover

the evaluations – – I can not believe I really did not do this! I presume I was feeling incorrectly positive after my previous positive experience. I have actually because checked out the testimonials and uncovered lots of people have had a comparable experience!

‘‘ t do it the night before you’re going away for the weekend break!

‘‘ t leave it on for the complete recommended time.

‘‘ t apply near the origins.

Leave it to the experts. There’s a factor hairdressers train.

Have you attempted the Bronde kits? Please share your hair catastrophes… … it will certainly make me really feel much better if nothing else.

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