The Perfect Brush for Chizzled Cheek Bones

If nature really did not bless you with Chizzled Bones, Tilbury will.

When I went to Tilbury for a wonderful little make over, the most effective feature of it, without a doubt, was the awesome cheekbones I left with. The woman made use of the infamous Filmstar Bronze and also Glow, which naturally, I purchased. Regretfully, attempts recreate said cheekbones in your home really did not work out. I looked extra bronzed than chizzled. Something was missing… … THE BRUSH! I’m not generally a fool for the ‘‘ you have to utilize this brush with this item’ strategy, however this tool makes all the difference.

Tilbury Powder & & Sculpt Brush? 35 makes contouring absolutely fool-proof. but oh-so flawlessly developed it’s skillfully tapered for ideal face sculpting. The precise tip makes it possible for excellent placement of the item whilst the size of the brush effortlessly buffs and also blends. It’s long and slim, so if you have a little face like me, it’ll still insinuate those difficult to discover contours. Made from goat hair, it’s extremely soft as well as not also largely packed which indicates your powder will not look heavy handed as well as you can slowly build up the shape. I ‘d previously attempted Actual Methods Establishing Brush, which is just a little too tiny and soft for contouring, yet great precision powder application as well as the Contour Brush, whilst excellent for the price, isn’t tapered enough and also made my shape look a little bit muddy.

RT Shape Brush, CT Sculpt Brush, RT Setting Brush

The Tilbury Powder & & Sculpt Brush picks up the correct amount of product and blends like a dream – – oh the number of means can I say it’s perfect! I would not alter one thing regarding this brush… … cept the price!? 35 oops, ouch, ouch – – hence why it went on the Christmas listing.

What are your best contouring devices?