Want to know what my favourite EVER Lipstick is?

You may have observed I’ve been a bit light on the blog posts lately … Xmas one of the most remarkable season as well as the BUSIEST! Anyway, you understand I’m a huge lippy lover so I assumed I must share with you my favourite ever before lipstick … (can’t think I have not done this quicker) Drumroll… It

‘s MAC’s Creme Cup! Possibly no surprise it’s MAC or that it’s a pale pink, however not all pale pinks are equal! It’s a blue toned baby pink, that matches my complexion flawlessly. It’s similar to, but without the subtle lilac color and somewhat pinker than, but it’s the formula that establishes Creme Mug apart. The cremesheen coating is so luscious and also moisturising, yet surprisingly pigmented and lengthy putting on. As a person vulnerable to dry, chapped lips it is necessary for me. It moves on easily straight from the bullet as well as is so flexible. I wear it most days, it’s so very easy and lovely to wear, it’s likewise the excellent partner to the smokey eye.

It is just one of those lipsticks that fits almost every person. I have buddies with blonde hair and also really dark hair, pale and warmer toned skins who all rock this.

Here it is next to one more of my faves, Creme D’nude …

I think Creme Mug will continue to be unrivaled in my collection for many years! MAC Lipsticks? 14

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