Tips to Depot and Store Your Lipstick


If you have a lot of lipstick and find it difficult to bring it all with you at once, you might want to think about decanting some of it into a palette. This will make it easier to transport. Makeup artists who work on a freelance basis and are required to visit … Read more

What is Lip Liner and How Should You Use it?

Lips are unquestionably the best feature of your face. These items can be used to convey a sense of style, chicness, and even boredom. Lipstick and the color of the lips are essential components of face makeup. Products like these can transform your look in just a few seconds. Just a few … Read more


What’s a lady to do when she’s obtained even more lipsticks than storage? Depot them of course! I constantly fancied one of those Musician Palettes– a double sided palette with a 54 strong rainbow of lipsticks. Unfortunately the? 190 price tag stands in my means. Yet with a? 10 scheme from MAC … Read more

MAC Dreaming Dahlia Lipstick

All those guilty of purchasing MAC lipsticks on a whim, wearing them one or two times, then seeing them gather dust on their cabinet, state I. IIIIIIIIIIII. At the very least I used to, nowadays I’m even more selective. It takes a lot to capture my eye (and dimes) yet Dreaming Dehlia … Read more

Lush Lips

Chapped, completely dry, flaky lips – – do not you just love winter months! I tell you I have actually been obtaining really ticked off with my flaky lips recently, they severely restrict my lipstick putting on days … Lush Lips to the rescue. Rich’s lip scrubs are made from castor sugar … Read more

New Lipstick Love… Costa Chic

I finally did it! I’m currently the happy owner of MAC Chic Lipstick. I can not tell you the number of times I’ve nearly acquired it. I have actually selected the intension of purchasing, but in some way end up being chatted right into something else. Posh is just one of MAC’s … Read more

Mad for Revlon’s Just Bitten kissable Balm Stains

There’s been a massive buzz bordering these as well as I should be the last person in the world to jump on the bandwagon, yet it’s main … I LOVE Revlon’s Just Bitten kissable Balm Stains. You see, when Revlon released these charms, I was still enjoying their remarkable lip butters and … Read more

Best of MAC Nude Lipstick

Whether you’re a serious visitor of Appeal & & le Chic or a periodic scroller, I’m presuming by now you have actually identified a minimum of two aspects of me. 1) I like MAC Lipstick as well as 2) I’m a nude lip kinda gal., let’s bring both with each other BEST … Read more

The £1.99 MAC Rebel Lip Liner

Lip liner has actually been the shock fad of 2014. Many thanks to Jenner’s faux-full lips, the retro beauty fad is well as well as genuinely back, however lining doesn’t need to be evident and also some colours, specifically dark ones are far much better paired with a cool line. Hint Rebel, … Read more

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