The Natural Face Tan than WON’T Stain your Pillow

JAMES READ is the International tanning guru that’s functioned everyone from -Whiteley to Gaga. also has tanning workshops in Nic’s … Nuff said!? I’ve been using his commonly sought after Sleep Mask for the previous couple of weeks and also I’m a little bit addicted!

Most of us know how bad the sunlight’s rays are to our fragile little faces and for the previous couple of years I’ve made an effort to keep my own shady … it’s the old creases versus tan fight. Well creases won and also now I need to fake-it-to-make-it with a little tan-in-a-tub. Sleep Mask is generally the ideal antidote to my fake tan issues. It integrates skin beautifying active ingredients with a touch of self-tan. Loaded with skincare essentials consisting of Aloe, Cucumber, Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae it moisturises and also soothe the skin overnight whilst assuring a refined, yet golden glow by early morning. The lavish formula is rich, yet light-weight and sinks in right away. It does not clogg pores, it’s completely clear so you will not appear like an oompa lumpa or end up with a tea tarnished cushion as well as it has definitely NO fake tan odour … Seriously– what’s not to love?

I have actually been using it one evening a week together with my common skin care– still cleanse and also moisturise if required, simply avoid oils. Go all the way to the decolletage for a natural, around coating. It’s assisting me to preserve that post vacation radiance and also not a tide mark visible.

Rest Mask? 20 & & and also QVC

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