Beauty Blender = FLAWLESS

Sometimes I can be a little bit stubborn. If everyone is going crazy concerning a product, I’ll attempt to avoid it. Because of that I deliberately swerved the entire “egg” sponge trend. I thought I really did not require another charm tool … WRONG! The little product develops the most flawless, airbrushed finish I’ve ever before experienced. I’ll spare you the selfie. You know the handle me now, I’m all about that base and if you have actually seen a picture of my in the last couple of months, possibilities are I used my preferred foundation with this!

I doubt you need me to tell you the hype surrounding this little pink sponge. The original elegance mixer is an innovative egg-shaped makeup sponge that ensures perfect makeup application. It’s reusable and also honestly endorsed by Hollywood heavies like Oprah, Beyonce,,, Heigl as well as a lot more.

But still, I’ve messed around with sponges in the past, had not been convinced … until one, actually, arrived at my doorstep thanks to Birchbox. Secretly, I was enjoyed see it there as well as from very first application, I WAS SOLD!

What’s so special?

The shape! Beautyblender’s patent-pending, elliptical-shape fits completely to the contours of the face. The fatter “side” of the sponge is excellent for the larger areas as well as the factor solves in the spaces as well as crannies. The sponge’s surface produces an air-brushed coating which indicates it can be used throughout the face with all sorts of liquid makeup – – structure, concealer, highlighter, it’s got it covered. There’s no beginning, no end, which implies there’s none of the lines or streaks frequently experienced with a brush, just 100% perfect, smooth make-up application.

It’s simple to use also. Just dampen the Beautyblender with water, squeeze out any type of excess after that it’s excellent to go. I like to position a glob of structure on the back on my hand and dab in the sponge as I go, utilizing a stippling/rolling activity on my face. There’s definitely no demand to blend your comprise, the sponge is that great, makeup is combined the minute it enters into call with the skin. Application is quite quick and also entirely smooth.


  • Seamless, perfect application every single time
  • No need to blend
  • No sides, lines or streaks
  • Easy to make use of
  • Latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic and odourless
  • -lasting as well as quickly washable
  • Adds a dewy surface

Any kind of Negatives?

  • If I’m being picky, it’s a little even more time consuming than using your fingers or grabbing your closest stippling brush. I tend not to trouble Monday-Friday. However, evenings as well as weekend breaks, it’s my go-to.
  • The?? 16 each, but if you look after it and also wash it correctly, it’ll last a while.

The Initial Charm Blender Or Food Processor? 16 Cult Beauty. Additionally readily available with Blender or food processor Strong Cleanser? 26 Birchbox. For a more affordable alternative, have a look at Actual Techniques Wonder Skin Sponge? 5.99 Boots … I hear it’s very good!


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