Curl Power! Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

Imagine you’re a mascara on Benefit’s assembly line. You wouldn’t wish to be the one that complies with They’reReal, also known as the UK’s no1 ideal marketing mascara, would you? Yet after that you’re an Advantage mascara and also they have actually been working on you for four years as well as it turns out, you’re pretty damn great yourself.

Advantage’ Lash’ Mascara is all about the curve – – and also we’re chatting major, close-your-eyes-and-the-curve-is-still-there, contour! Container the eyelash curling irons since this one does it all. It curls, it lifts, it lengthens as well as it boosts.

97% stated it visibly raises lashes

87% stated it gives durable curl

94% stated eyes look extra wide open

The skinny, curved “‘‘ n’Roll” brush gets right down right into the origin of the lashes. Laced with mini lash catches, it scoops the lashes as well as drags them to new heights, fanning, separating and also lengthening as it goes. With marginal effort it makes my lashes look inconceivably lengthy and adds some major curl activity. And unlike other curve/lengthening mascaras, it does not forget the quantity. It plumps the lashes with jet black, glossy formula and also followers them perfectly for an extra large open look. Definitely no clumping, no smudging. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by this mascara, but I am!

Advantage’ Lash’ Mascara takes place sale at the end of February. Many Thanks to Elle Magazine you can bag an example (or 2) this month as well as if you’re satisfied, you can pre-order at QVC advanced order? 15.82 RRP? 19.50.

p.s please don’t evaluate the eyebrows in these images. They’re undergoing a significant expand back goal as well as have NOT seen a tweezer this year!

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