Hello from the other side!

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all this time around you ‘d like to see… … what the F took place to me !?

I’ve wrote this message a lot of times in my head but never ever took care of to put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard. But there’s an excellent reason for that… … They claim being a mum is a full-time job. Nah, it’s even more like 2! Some Mums make it look so easy as well as instaperfect. Me, I was like a rabbit in the headlights with one boob hanging out and hair so greasy completely dry hair shampoo couldn’t touch!

I used to believe “I’ll blog loads during floor covering leave”. Romanticised concepts of me bashing away on the key-board whilst my baby sleeps in her moses basket. Truth check – – babies do not rest! At least mine didn’t, as well as particularly not in her moses basket. It was 10 months before she began taking a snooze consistently as well as already, BRAIN.WAS.MUCH (kinda still is) and also my rest backlog took concern over every little thing else.

Some people manage to get right back on that steed – – props to them. However If I’m honest, once she arrived, I ddin’t actually want to. I really did not appreciate anything else but her (insert eye rolling below). I shocked myself by just how much I DID adjustment and became ONE OF THOSE MOMMIES. Empty platitudes like “my life wont’ modification that much”, “I’ll still wear compose each day and paint my nails” went out the home window with unwinding bathrooms as well as clean garments.

I think looking back I wasn’t precisely prepared for parenthood. I concentrated so much on conception as well as maternity that I really did not think beyond the birth. Before I recognized it I was catapulted right into this unusual world playing catch up with baby wearing, cows milk intolerance, sleep training and trying to decipher all those phrases AP, EBF, BLW blah blah. life for that initial year was all about survival. No area for product testimonials as well as elegance trends here.

Anyway I can write lots regarding the insane baby globe I was catapulted right into, sleep starvation and gin alcohol consumption at 5pm, yet that would be an entire other post. Perhaps I will, perhaps I will not. If the in 2014 and also fifty percent has educated me anything, it’s keep your expectations low? I just intended to Hi! I’m still active, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll recognize that. Many thanks to every person that every seen my blog site. I’m not making any type of guarantees that I’ll get back to it, yet I would certainly hate to think I’ll never blog again. And also, I put on makeup most days currently and also repaint my nails at least once a month so I’m entirely certified to blog all points elegance once more, right?

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