Kardashian Kolors hit the UK

Is this the most anticipated nail launch of the year? them, dislike them, there’s no running away the Kardashians!

Kardashian Kolors hit the UK image 1

Next off in their pursuit for World supremacy the Kardashian siblings are adhering to in the steps of, er Shrek as well as Beiber by releasing their own nail gloss array for nail huge OPI, well their little sister by OPI.

Kardashian Kolors from by OPI is a collection of glam-fabulous tones …

Kardashian Kolors hit the UK image 2

Picture extracted from Walmart United States

Introduced in the US last month, they’re now offered in the UK from as well as ASOS? 8.00. I enjoy the choice of tones, specifically the glittery ones. Fancy trying out the Katwalk and Follow me on Radiance.

Proof positive that the Kardashian sisters actually do have it nailed!