Learn more about YSLs Touche Eclat line of products

YSL, one of the most well-known abbreviations in the fashion and beauty industries, is also the esteemed initials of the adored founder of the French fashion and beauty company, Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent, A French fashion designer credited with popularizing and expanding the use of women’s trousers everywhere. Beginning in 1961, Saint … Read more

What is Blush and How Should You Use it?

Person holding a blush on and makeup brush

When it comes to cosmetics, blush is one of those items people either adore or loathe. Some say it’s necessary for a more natural appearance, while others say it’s not. Blusher, when applied correctly, gives skin a healthy glow while also enhancing the features of the face. It’s a must-have for each … Read more

What is Face Contouring and When Should You Use it?

Face contouring

Enhancing natural features and shaping the facial structure can both be accomplished through contouring. It’s a cosmetics technique that aids in bringing attention to the shadowed portions of the face, like the jawline and forehead, as well as the high points, like the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. In the … Read more

What Exactly is a Makeup Highlighter?

Person is wearing highlighter on their cheekbones and their outer browbone

In today’s society, wearing makeup is practically unavoidable for most working women. It has the potential to make them stunningly gorgeous. Women are able to both highlight their strengths and disguise their weaknesses by utilizing makeup. Makeup does more than just enhance a woman’s attractiveness; it also influences her ability to form … Read more

What’s in October’s Glossybox?

What’s in October’s Glossybox? photo 0

It’s that time again! October’s Theme is the 6 Pack, as there’s a 6th bonus offer product to celebrate 6 remarkable months of Glossybox– can you think this is the 6th Glossybox already? When I saw names like Stila and also Dermalogica on the card I was extremely thrilled … Dermalogica Age … Read more

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Worth The Hype?

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Worth The Hype? image 0

For me, Secret Camouflage is just one of those products that I’ve desired for AGES, however never got round to purchasing. From the minute I began watching ‘‘ s (, in instance you’re out first name terms) video clips, I desired it. And also currently I have it … was it worth … Read more

City Pharma… A Beauty Junkie’s Mecca

City Pharma… A Beauty Junkie’s Mecca photo 0

Bonjour! checklist locations to visit in went like this 1) Eiffel Tower, 2) The Lourve, 3) Any kind of and also every drug store I can find! It may sounds weird, however Parisian pharmacies are the divine grail for inexpensive beauty … and they’re virtually on every corner. Top of the drug … Read more

Beauty Booty… The Best of Christmas Beauty Gifts

Beauty Booty… The Best of Christmas Beauty Gifts image 0

I’m not one of these individuals that starts Xmas shopping in, as a matter of fact I’m not actually a large Christmas follower period (don’t court) BUT with numerous beautiful joyful charm presents appearing I can not resist following suit. From glittery nail polishes to sensational skincare, you can’t go wrong with … Read more

The Bedside Beauty Edit

The Bedside Beauty Edit photo 0

Every woman has her bedside elegance stock, the products we “need” pre or post bedtime. I like a little duvet pamper time – – hands, feet, lips, you recognize the drill. Some come, some go, however these are the members I need in my “bedside brigade”. Eight Hour Lotion? 11.75/ 50mlright here … Read more

Big LOVE for Honeylove

Big LOVE for Honeylove photo 0

ADMISSION – – I’ve got a little girl crush on the Mix girls. I comply with stalk their MUA on Instagram. I could inform you that I didn’t purchase this lipstick since she utilized it on Perrie and Jesy… … but that would certainly be a large fat lie. Honeylove Matte? 15.50 … Read more