Bikini So Teeny (and a little streaky)

Is this the prettiest nail gloss ever? Adorable by name, charming naturally!

Bloggers have been calling Swimwear Teeny the color of the summer … to ensure that’s why I could not get my hands on it! Unavailable at Boots and Superdrug, I lastly tracked it down in ‘‘ s.

I wish to call it a baby blue, but it’s more of a pale blue merged with a tip of lavender. I really did not realise up until it was in my hands that it consists of a very fine amount of silver as well as pink shimmers, don’t worry, it’s not sparkly! It has a lovely cream finish, with a subtle hint of shimmer – – creme-sheen if you will.

we have actually developed that I love the shade, yet there’s one huge issue with this gloss, it’s super STREAKY! I have actually attempted with as well as without a basecoat and both slim and also thick coats. The first time I used it, it took 3 thin layers to get a semi good protection, but it had not been even. The following time I added a really thick layer as well as hoped for the very best, yet still, this happened …

I stated this on Instagram as well as child did I open the floodgates! It appears I’m not the only one that’s had this issue. Some recommended that the diffusion line, available from Boots and also Superdrug, have thinner brushes and various solutions but I haven’t experienced this with any of my other polishes as well as this set was bought from ‘‘ s. The

ideal outcomes I located came from 2 very thick layers. It takes a very long time to completely dry yet returns better protection. I have actually reached say, as high as it’s an annoyance, Swimwear so Teeny is SO worth the initiative. I like this color, it’s adorable, sunny and chic as well as the creme coating is excellent!

Bikini Teeny becomes part of ‘‘ s summer season 2012 range, so it might not be around permanently! Offered kind Boots as well as Superdrug? 7.99, ‘‘ s and various other stores bill around? 9.95.