I Ain’t Saying she’s a Gold Digga…. Well maybe a Sleek Glo one

I’ve been eyeing up Sleek’s Glo combinations for much as well long now – – what is it with their stock levels? Note to Sleek: We can not purchase it if you don’t stock it … It resembled all over once again, but finally I tracked one down.

Streamlined Glo is a multi-colour highlighter that features 5 strips of colour to develop a lit up look (ala glimmer block). Offered in three shades Peach Glimmer, Bronze Infant and also Digga. It was a toss up in between Bronze Child and Digga. completion I decided Bronze Baby was as well shimmery as well as Digga loaded even more of a punch in the pigment division.

The “block” includes sparkling sugar, browns, bronze as well as mauve, whirled with each other they create a beautiful bronzey brownish shimmer. When I said it packed a type the pigment division, I had not been joking. It’s rather dark and also has an excellent colour settle from simply one move. As we say up north “gan wise”! It would certainly be actually simple to over the leading with the dark caramel shades. Digga is much more fit to medium to dark skintones. I purchased this soon after holiday. It’s a terrific tan enhancer and also is a definite shoe in for future summertime vacation make-up. The powder is finely-milled, soft, smooth and also silky without being fine-grained. It has a fragile shimmer without being glittery as well as a good frozen finish.

Unfortunately it’s a little doing not have in the emphasize division, it could be a lot more accurately called a glittering bronzer and also it’s not as sensational as ‘‘ s popular blocks, yet at this rate factor it’s a rather amazing item.

Glo? 6.49 Sleek online right here and Superdrug here.