Holidays Are Coming… Always Coca Cola (Red)

Conform Huge Apple Red, there’s a brand-new classic red around. Coca Cola red needs to be one of the most renowned red around, I suggest they even changed ‘‘ s fit to match it, so it only makes sense that OPI and also Coca Soda pop must sign up with pressures to pay tribute in Laquer kind. The co-lab hit racks over the summer season, yet OPI Coca Soda Pop Red is so Christmasssy, it’s just now that I’m actually delighted regarding it. Plus Birchbox sent it in November’s box – – great timing!

Coca Cola Red? 8.92 below is as classic a red as they come and also as quickly as I clocked eyes on it, I understood it had to be my Christmas go-to. It does not lean towards the pink or orange or blue, it’s true red Red and will certainly flatter pretty much any kind of complexion. The top-notch formula uses easily with OPI’s trademark Pro Wide brush technology. It’s extremely opaque with complete protection from 2 coats and has a rather glossy-creme surface. As for wear time, I’m on day four and still going strong.

What’s your best Xmas shade?