Tips to Depot and Store Your Lipstick

If you have a lot of lipstick and find it difficult to bring it all with you at once, you might want to think about decanting some of it into a palette. This will make it easier to transport. Makeup artists who work on a freelance basis and are required to visit clients regularly carrying a variety of beauty products are the most common users of this method. To depot, lipsticks make it easier for them because they can travel much lighter and see the shade of lipsticks in just one glance rather than having to open and close lipstick lids. Additionally, lipsticks allow them to see the shade of lipsticks more clearly.

If you have lipstick that has been broken and you want to save it, then this method is exactly what you need to do. Lipstick can be stored in a secure and uncomplicated manner. You can melt your lipstick by using heat, but doing so is not something that is strongly advised. Lipstick that has been allowed to melt can cause the formula to change, and this is especially true of glossy, glitter, and matte varieties of lipstick. Lipsticks with a matte finish are more resistant to the effects of heat, but the pigment can separate from the base and fall to the bottom of the palette wells.

Items Needed To Depot Lipstick Without Heat

To depot lipstick even without using heat, you should have these items:

  • Lipstick
  • PaletteĀ 
  • Surface Pro or metal plate
  • Spatula
  • Q-tips
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Gloves

Instructions on How to Depot Lipstick

Step 1: Make sure that any items that will be used in this process have been properly sterilized.

Step 2: Select the lipstick you want to use, roll it up, and use the spatula to scrape it off the bottom of the tube onto a plate made of metal or onto your skin.

Step 3: Using your spatula, scrape off what is left of the lipstick’s base, and place it into one of the wells in your palette. If the lipstick is particularly brittle, you can first crush it using the Surface Pro or a metal plate, and then place the crushed remnants into the palette wells.

Step 4: Fill each of the wells with lipstick and spread it out evenly or to your satisfaction.

Step 5: Insert the lipstick tip, which was previously removed in Step 2, back into the packaging of the lipstick.

Step 6: Continue to repeat step 5 until all of the wells have been completely stuffed.

Step 7: To clean the areas around the lipstick wells, use the Q-tips in conjunction with the rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.

Because not all of the lipstick can fit in a single well, you will need to cut it into pieces of a reasonable size so that it can be placed in the appropriate wells on the palette. You have the option of removing the lipstick from the top, though doing so may cause you to lose the angle or shape of the lipstick, particularly if you do not cut it back into the angle at which it was originally packaged. The amount of lipstick that is still present in the tube after it has been used up might surprise you. When the lipstick is almost at the end of its tube and appears to be a stub, this can also make it difficult to apply the product.

If you want to achieve a smooth finish, you can try leaving your palette in a warm environment and giving the lipsticks some time to soften. However, you should avoid applying too much heat to the palette because it will cause it to become unorganized. When compared to applying direct heat with a spoon, this method can be more time-consuming but is significantly safer.

The Best Way to Store Your Lipstick


It is essential to select the most appropriate location in which to keep your lipstick. You need to locate a method that is not only secure but also simple to use.

Keeping your lipstick in a compact jar made of glass is typically the most effective way to keep it for an extended period. Jars made of glass are capable of preventing air leakage and are excellent for minimizing the accumulation of moisture and odors. You also have the option of storing your lipstick in a metal tin that has a cover for it. Choosing this alternative will put your lipstick within easy reach.

Consider storing your lipstick in a pillowcase if you are looking for an alternative method of organization. Because it is simple to pack and provides some measure of protection against breakage, this method is suitable for use when traveling. Putting your lipstick in the freezer is yet another strategy you can use. This strategy is effective if you anticipate being separated from your lipstick for an extended period; however, you will need to let the lipstick thaw before using it.

What are the Best Storage Methods for Lipstick?

There are many different options available for storing your makeup. Others prefer to store their lipstick in a metal tin that has a lid, while others prefer to keep their lipstick in a small glass jar.

Before deciding on a method for storing your lipstick, there are a few factors to think about, including the size of the product, the length of time that you will be using it, and whether or not you want your product to be within proximity to you at all times.


Lipsticks are an important component of your beauty routine, and as such, you want to ensure that they are free from any potential health risks. If you depot your lipsticks or store them properly, you can ensure that they will not become damaged and will age gracefully.

Whether you choose to keep your lipstick in a tin made of metal or a small jar made of glass or depot and store them in a palette, the container that you use to store it is an important consideration. It is up to you to decide which method of storage you prefer for your lipstick.