Make Up Storage Part 1!

A buddy of mine asked me a few days ago “where do you maintain all of it?” and it reminded me that I have actually never ever actually showed you just how I save all of my elegance deals with. Now it’s absolutely a work in development! I’ve tried numerous points and I’m always cutting as well as transforming. It’s difficult to locate the appropriate equilibrium in between what looks good as well as what’s useful … and it doesn’t assist that I’m a cool freak!The significance of my storage space is what I lovingly describe as the compose TERMINAL!

Ikea Hemnes Chest with Mirror

Which in reality is an Ikea Dressing Table come breast of drawers. I’ve always had my heart set on a shabby trendy clothing table yet I realised I don’t actually like taking a seat when I apply compose– I’m excessive of an active body, constantly hurrying about as well as incapable of resting still. Plus the cabinet aspect of these is really helpful. When I initially got the comprise terminal I kept the top quite very little and also filled the top drawer with Compose …

BIG mistake– the cabinet given in the weight! Since then I have actually had to play with methods of keeping more up top. I have actually had lights on, lights off, candle holders, pots, glass containers, recycled Glossyboxes, you name it I’ve attempted it … After obtaining

tired with the mis-mash of candle light holders I switched over to glass cylinder. They enabled me to store much more “up leading” yet soon looked a little chaotic …

However ultimately I think I’ve discovered the response … Muji acrylic storage cabinets. They do not look extremely enticing below, yet wait till you see them full of goodies.

Wow this is becoming a massive article, therefore it’ll have to be a two-parter. Watch this space for much more on my compose storage.